"I will place my breath in you and you will live; I will give you rest in your own land. Then you will know that I am the Lord-I have spoken and I will act." Ez. 37:14


    Life with God is the center of all hope, joy, and fulfillment. We're living life with God and learning more about Him together. 


    People need work to care for their families. We create job opportunities so families in Guatemala can better support themselves. 


    Education is key. We offer job skills and nutrition training to adults and school scholarships to children. 


    we are based in beautiful Guatemala, a place bursting with color, life, and beauty. Revive is all about spotlighting this beauty - the people, knowledge, and natural resources, and doing what we can to make it shine brighter.


    looking at Guatemala, we don't see a weak, beaten down place or helpless people - we see endless patches of light, full of potential, and full of life. we want to do what we can to connect these patches of light, to help them strengthen and grow. 


    we do this by working with communities who want to take care of their families and have a better future. we do what we can to help them reach their goals by identifying opportunities for growth and turning them into profitable vehicles for jobs, income, skills training, and all-around wellness.


    it's more than just job creation though! we focus on lasting wellness, and independence by offering spiritual mentorship, life and job-skills training, and educational opportunities. join us as we move forward, focused on the light.