there are lots of exciting things just around the corner that we're working to develop, but we need your help! 



    we're in the midst of designing low-cost, eco-friendly and self-sustaining houses here in Guatemala. the idea is simple: design a low cost, safe and comfortable home. the houses will be climate-sensitive, have a bathroom, water catchment and heating, and be low-impact, recycling and composting household waste and putting it to use in the attached garden. think of these houses like little self-sustaining life pods. we'll be sharing more details soon. do you have any ideas that would help along the way with our design, we would love to hear from you. better yet, come and build one with us!


    just a fancy way to say we started a worm farm. we all know, you need fertilizer to make a garden grow. with a crop of red wigglers, we are helping communities have access to fertilizer gold - for free! if the worms behave and reproduce, the plan is to package up and sell their juicy fertilizer, and help people start small-scale worm farms in their homes. we plan to build 2 more beds at a cost of $200 each, help us out and follow the link below to build some more beds! 


    Oyster mushrooms grow fast, produce large quantities, and sell for a great price at the market. They have the same protein properties as meat, and are super tasty fried up in some garlic and butter! We're starting small at-home mushroom growing projects to help families with an extra source of income and some good food. 

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