October 6, 2016


    today was a day to beat all days. we decided it was time to get out and meet the neighbors around the farm we've been working at in the small town of patzicia. since the intention is to partner with the entire community to help reach their development goals, we were excited to meet some people! in place of baking and delivering cookies, we filled baskets with beans, rice, and oil - way better. 


    walking around the neighborhood, we felt more and more connected and inspired by the families that make their homes there. one thing was clear, there is a beauty and strength that exists in patzicia that we want to learn from.


    as we moved from house to house, and got to know each of the families, we heard story after story of women living alone, taking care of their babies, with husbands that were out of the picture. the more homes we were welcomed into, the more we realized the community is made up of countless pillars. mothers who are caring for their families with creativity and strength. 


    anyway, here are a couple photos from the day. we hope you are as inspired as we were as you look through and get to know some of the faces here in patzicia!


    getting to the farm in the early morning light.


    mapping out our route for who we're going to visit!


    juana measuring out the perfect amount black beans grown right on the farm for each basket (you can never have too many in my opinion). 


    making our way to the first house.


    sweet nolberta in front of her house, don't remember her pig's name. we learned the family recently sold their land and used all their money to buy a car that turned out to be a lemon.


    this guy watching us from house to house.


    felica started crying when we walked into her house with food. she made us wait to brush her hair before any pictures were taken, woman after my own heart.


    maria cristina was obviously excited to meet us. 

    juana takes basket carrying to another level as we made our way across through the neighborhood. 


    this is berta and her three babies. the youngest has been sick for a long time, and she said her husband has been mia on a bender for the last few weeks. she's one of the strong pillars, doing everything she can to strengthen and support her precious family. 


    look at those giggly smiles. 


    there is beautiful produce around every corner in this fertile farming community!


    vilma just got back from dropping her oldest off at school. 


    we loved meeting so many and getting to know the neighborhood a bit more, this is just the beginning! 







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