October 12, 2016

    please indulge me while i geek out in excited glee over our latest project. we built the first of many WORM BEDS you guys! 


    here are some fun facts about worm farming (vermiculture) that I know you are curious about:

    1. these worms (red wigglers) have a life span of 15 years!

    2. nutrients in whatever they eat (veggies, etc.) are maintained in what they produce.

    3. worm castings (poo), is some of the most powerful organic fertilizer gold that exists. 


    now I hope you're on board with how excited i am. 

    look at that thrilled gleam in my eye.


    so why are we building a worm farm? worms are easy to care for and reproduce super quickly. they eat compost, and produce an extremely strong fertilizer which can be used in neighboring gardens and farms to help them flourish and grow at a low cost!


    because the worms grow in population so rapidly, within a short time we will be producing fertilizer that the community can sell and use as a source of income. 


    we are working with a neighborhood in san lucas, guatemala that has the perfect climate and opportunity within the community for our little test farm. we had so many wonderful friends come and help us with this project, we couldn't have done it without them. enjoy the pictures below from the building adventure!


    fester and luis figuring out the best model worm bed for our site.


    omar and the guys finding the best spot for the bed.


    cary helping raise the roof to keep the little guys safe.


    fester is our partner in san lucas. his educational support center will house and care for the worms.


    luis, the master builder!


    cary and his wife rita were a huge help and support for our project, you know when friends can get excited about worms with you, they are true friends!


    chapter, our little helper always at the ready.


    we had a local organization come and train us on how to best house and care for our new worms.


    tucking the little guys into their new home. 


    thanks for braving this dirty post! do you know about vermiculture and want to share your knowledge with us? we would love to hear from you! send us a message and let's chat!






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