November 2, 2016



    we are so excited to announce our funding campaign for the next two months that officially will launch our organization into 2017! we are bursting at the seams, and we can't do this alone anymore! 


    we are looking for 2017 partners to commit to join us through the year with prayer and monthly support. for the next two months, we will be sharing our story, vision, and a few exciting plans with you, so you don't feel like you're giving to a nebulous cause in the sky. We take you seriously and we want to see fruit (literally ;)) from each contribution. We believe the richness of life boils down to relationships. True community is our aim both with our projects in Guatemala and with each of you. 


    as you know if you've already joined in the journey with us, we are all about assisting in the spiritual, educational, and economic development throughout Guatemala, and it’s growing even faster than we had hoped!


    we look beyond daily survival and empower families and communities to support themselves long-term. It’s already taking shape in the form of multiple micro-enterprise projects such as worm beds, a goat farm, and avocado trees! For us, job creation is only the beginning. We aim to support lasting, holistic wellness by providing opportunities to go deeper spiritually and relationally, so communities can better know the God who sees them and who created them to thrive.


    Community is a life force! Community is a central part of our philosophy. Come be a part of ours! Spiritually, we need prayer and encouragement as we move forward acting as His hands to establish the Father’s heart in Guatemala. We also need community in the financial sense, to support our staff, project growth, and expansion to touch multiple communities. 


    Please consider contributing to our monthly goal of $5,000 in the amount of $25, $50, $100, or however you are able. The beauty of our vision is we have built in enough structure to ensure integrity, productivity, and longevity while at the same time keeping it open and flexible to be able to adapt in real time to the dynamic life here in Guatemala. Finances allow for the structure and adaptability and we are committed to keeping you updated on where the money goes. For this launch campaign for 2017, we are specifically looking for funding to target the following areas:


    1. Allow Omar and Katie to go full time at the project because they can't keep up with the momentum

    2. Support local staff

    3. Transportation

    4. Special Projects: Goat Co-Op, Worm Farm, Etc.

    5. Etc.


    There is so much in the works for the future and the only way we can do this work is through people like you who are willing make a commitment to partner with us and empower the work we do. Stay tuned for more updates in the following month for Get it Guate 2017! 









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