November 5, 2016

    hi guys it's Omar :) 


    I'm taking over the blog today and to talk a little bit with you and tell you why we're doing what we're doing, and why I think it's important for my country.


    first, I think it is important to change the mind of my people. that they can know there is a God, and that He is like a good father, who wants to take care of them and fight for them. that He is like the opposite of so many bad fathers out there.


    second, I'm excited to show people that they can do bigger things, help them to think bigger and believe that they can do something to influence their future so they can have a better life. for those of you who know me, you know I love to work. it's important to teach people to work hard for their future, and God will bless it. 


    thanks guys for following along with us and believing in God's plans. it's not us. we're just trying to work hard with the hope and life God has put in our hearts and we know that with Him, we can do this. praying blessing for you guys! 



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