November 6, 2016


    today it's my turn!


    I get to talk to you all about why I'm psyched about our vision that is expanding faster than we could have hoped.


    first off, goats and worms you guys! I'm kidding - kind of. really though, this place is so full of life and beauty, both of nature and of spirit. we want to find that beauty that already exists and and enhance it to make it brighter.


    so what does it look like? it looks like supporting a group of women to start their own business cooperative (goats!), so they can feed their babies. it looks like offering specialized skills training to that man who just longs to support his family, but can't do it through day wages in the field. most importantly, it looks like encouraging one another along the way through getting to know God as our kind, loving Father and building community together.


    it's holistic. it's healthy. it's flipping exciting if you ask me :) 


    if you guys want to learn more about where we come from and what we're about, check out the bio page on our website or just shoot us an email! 




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