November 11, 2016

    it's story time you guys! gather round the campfire and get cozy :).


    we want to chat a bit about Patzicia, the first area we started working in with Guillermo (the guy in the great hat up there :) ) and his community.


    let me paint a picture please. Patzicia is a small town in the middle of Guatemala. a valley nestled in the middle of volcanoes and made up of farms and fields of corn and beans as far as the eye can see. the fields are furtile volcanic soil, but the town had their water source stolen from them to be re-routed to the city. farming without a steady water supply makes successful large-scale farming tough. 


    once we got to know Guillermo and his family, it was clear they were (are!) special. they want to see their community thrive. we helped build two homes for the families adult daughters, and in exchange, they dedicated their land to help their community, through increased job opportunities, and community building. 


    we started right off by planting 40 avocado trees. these little gems reproduce quickly and can be sold for a good profit. Guillermo's avocados are growing fast and prepping their yummy little selves for the market as we speak. just imagine all the guac. 


    now that the plans for expanding the farm are plugging ahead, the real exciting work has begun; building relationships throughout the community. we've been getting out there, meeting the special neighbors and feeling like the new kids in school, wanting to make friends and hoping everyone likes us and thinks we are as cool as we think they are! 


    we are so excited to support this land as a vehicle for growth, opportunity, and holistic wellness for the entire neighborhood. I could go on and on about it but pictures are way better, so enjoy! 


    one of the family's new homes


    what the site the house was built on looked like before! 



    grow little avocados, grow tall and strong and tasty 



    thank you for reading along! hope you have a blessed, happy rest of your day!


    Katie & Omar











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