November 14, 2016

    happy monday all! for the next few days we're going to dive deeper into the vision and get a little vulnerable and squishy and real about what makes us tick.


    as you know, at our core of our vision are three main elements: LIVEWORK, and LEARN. we believe that everyone should have full access to all three of those elements. but what does that look like though? 


    today let's talk about LIVE.


    we believe that living - truly living is the most important element that has ever existed, and will ever exist. all of us across the entire planet are trying to figure out what truly living means to us, and how to make the best of this life in our deepest of hearts. for us, truly living, means waking up every day, going through the movements of life, however beautiful, or however heartbreaking, close - oh so close, to God. truly living means that we are aware of the God who made us, that we know He sees us, and that we are His friend. to truly live is to know "I am seen by God" and then, get to know Him. 


    for so many, this is controversial, polarizing, and scary, and we get it. it's not about converting, it's not about forcing people to think the same way that we do, but it's about love. about showing people they are loved and seen by God, then getting to know this person who loves them better together. 


    so why do we love this God, and why do we want to connect Him to what we do? the quote below sums it up beautifully: 


    "the media Jesus and the Gospel Jesus aren't the same person. not even close. the Jesus we read about in the Gospel walked the Earth asking two questions everywhere he went.

    Who is power forgetting?

    Who is religion oppressing?

    and then he gathered them and ate with them and listened to them. and so back then he found himself eating with lepers and bleeding women and the poor and prostitutes and tax collectors. He just gathered these people and broke bread with them. and so today - if Jesus followers asked the same questions their leader asked with his life... if we looked hard at our own communities, in our own countries today and asked: who is power forgetting? who is religion oppressing? and then we gathered those people. and ate with them and listened to them." that is true religion and the heart of our God.


    that is the Jesus that we love, and His heart is what drives us forward when we wake up every day.


    there is a story from the bible that we love... a guy named Ezekiel is brought into a huge remote valley in the desert, and the valley is full of dry, old bones (gruesome). Ezekiel doesn't get what he's seeing, and doesn't understand why he's in the valley, and why the valley is full of bones! then God asks Ezekiel a funny question, he asks if he thinks that the old bones can live, and of course Ezekiel says no way. then, to prove him wrong, God causes wind and breath to begin to come into the old dry bones, and life begins to enter into them! the bones come to life and begin to walk, healthy people, fully complete with the gift of life and hope.


    that is what we are about. asking the questions who is power forgetting? who is religion oppressing? instead of seeing dry bones at face value, seeing the potential, the hope, and the life that is possible.


    "and I will put my spirit within you and you shall live. and I will place you in your own land. then you shall know that I am the Lord; I have spoken and I will do it, declares the Lord." Ezekiel 37:14


    sending out love to you today!


    Omar & Katie




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