November 16, 2016

    please tell me - am I the only one who is now blessed enough to sing the rihanna song under my breath EVERY time I see the word "work" (work work work work)? you're welcome if it is now stuck in your head too. 


    anyway, earlier this week we talked about our core LIVE, WORK, LEARN, and went a little deep about what LIVING means to us. today we're talking about WORK. 


    for me, growing up in the states, the idea of access to work was always kind of a given. my naive assumption was that it was always available, and when you needed it, it would be right there waiting for you. my ideas were turned around when I started working with refugees. when refugees moved to the states (if you don't know what the definition of a refugee is, they are people who have had to flee their country due to persecution), it was my job to help them find their first job in the states! 


    once I started in this role a whole new world of knowledge quickly opened up to me. many of these people I was working with had never had the opportunity to work, or if they did, many times they were taken advantage of, lied to, and denied pay. the idea of workers rights was unheard of. 


    now, did this mean that these people were bad workers? NOT AT ALL. it was the opposite in fact. once their willingness to work hard was met with fair opportunity that empowered their efforts instead of taking advantage of them, people took off. I mean, seriously, I saw people soar.


    I'll give you an example: take a woman (or a group of women) who have never had the opportunity to go to school, or work. women for whom, even leaving the house was a dangerous risk, and the idea of a job was a lofty and unattainable desire. now, present these women with a new opportunity. the opportunity to not only work and make money for their families, but the opportunity to learn budgeting and business management skills. what you will see in response to the new opportunity is an unstoppable force. I saw first hand the powerful potential that exists once people are given the opportunity to work. 


    I am talking about a small business that was started by a group of refugee women from Myanmar (Burma). Once they moved to the states, they started making and selling scarves, and within a matter of months were paying their rent, buying all the food they needed, and supporting their families. WITH SCARVES.

    watch the video about their business!


    so that's what we're about. figuring out ways to open up opportunities to help people who want to work, WORK! because there is nothing worse than having the desire, and being left with the frustration and desperation of lack of opportunity. here in Guatemala, we want to see people soar, and we know they're ready. 


    sending you light and life today!


    Katie & Omar











    any time someone says work? 

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