November 22, 2016

    happy Thanksgiving week! this is the best time of the year and we're bustling through the week getting ready to cook up a turkey feast here in Guatemala because there are so many things to be thankful about. 


    today we are officially three weeks into our Get it Guatemala 2017 campaign! letters have gone out to share a bit more with you about what we are doing as we are looking to build our community for 2017. we have been so excited over the response so far and we want to connect with you further! 


    so along those same lines of connecting with you further we want to get real for a bit and share what has been going on here lately. life isn't easy, and sometimes on a blog it is easy to make everything look shiny and exciting, but we all know reality is different. I mean, I open up Facebook, or turn on the news and so much of the time it's like a barrage of hurt and sadness. seeing close friends dealing with heartbreaking loss, and entire nations in conflict and fear. 


    during this time of year, when I step back and try to CHOOSE to have an attitude of being thankful, it's tough. especially in the midst of difficulties. so it's story time...


    a few weeks ago, I was traveling in the states speaking to groups and sharing about our project goals and hopes for the upcoming year. during my travel, Omar's house was broken into and everything was stolen, including our sweet puppy Chapter. if you followed along on any of our earlier blog posts, you probably recognize him! he was our shadow and came everywhere with us, (re)vive's little mascot :). 


    we were (and still are) devastated, and I'm still stopping people on the street if they have a puppy who resembles little Chapter. it was violating and unfair all at once. to have things worked for and cherished be stripped away.


    we're not valiant and processing this in amazing ways (I'm not anyway, I was pissed. Omar is the shining star of keeping a good attitude though). especially since the very neighborhoods we have been working in, building relationship with, and trying to show love to were the very ones where we were targeted. 


    he more we stop and think about it we think, we must be doing something right. right?! if there is such brokenness and desperation, that breeds a lack of respect for individuals that would cause people to do this? THAT is the brokenness we are here to fight against. to show love and mercy and hope in the darkest of the dark. do I still want to give people the stink eye if I suspect they had anything to do with it? obviously, yes! 


    so looking into 2017, we are more driven than ever. to ignite light around us wherever we can, and hope that is so powerful, the darkness of desperation blasts away. making the choice to love and to be thankful is difficult and unglamorous. it's way more cozy to stay in the nest of self pity and self protection. choosing to love is hard, but it never fails, whenever we do, that is when we KNOW that we are truly living.


    so we are thankful for you!


    we are thankful for your prayers and your love and your hearts to follow along with us and see life and light expand here in Guatemala. so pray for us. pray for us as we choose to love, every day. and for whatever you are going through, however painful and however difficult, we pray for you too, that in this season, you will find comfort and relief for your heart, like sitting near a crackling fireplace with a hot cocoa, knowing you are seen, and you are loved. 


    sending out light and life to you today!


    Katie & Omar




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