November 23, 2016

    in light of this being the season of all things cozy and delicious, today you all have the honor of being welcomed into the kitchen of one of the best cook's in Guatemala. get ready to cook with Blanca!


    we decided to make a healthy version of comfort food with a Guatemalan twist. when surrounded by so much glorious vegetables and produce, you got to take advantage. Blanca cooked up a healthy and delicious eggplant lasagna with fresh mozzarella and homemade sauce. 


    first order of business was to head to the market to gather up all of the ingredients. in lieu of a formal recipe, follow the directions to get an idea of how it goes. tomatoes, garlic, eggplant, and a little love is all you need! 

    love that she has a perfect little sprout of broccoli in her hair :) 


    first things first, make a fabulously refreshing fresh juice to keep you hydrated while cooking up a storm, this one was made from fresh limes, and celery. so healthy and so good.


    you know what happens when you cook food that is incredibly delicious and turns out exactly as it should?you can't wait long enough to photograph the end result. so - sorry. but it was good :). 


    thank you Blanca for welcoming us into your kitchen!






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