December 1, 2016

    yesterday we packed up and hit the road two hours to the coast to plan for our next project - MUSHROOMS!


    if you don't already know about oyster mushrooms, and they don't thrill you to your core, buckle up. so why are we planning to start working with mushrooms? 


    BECAUSE... first, they are incredibly easy to grow, and they grow extremely quickly with very little maintenance. second, they are a great source of protein and can take the place of meat when many times meat is too expensive. third, because they produce so prolifically, the extras can be sold at market for a pretty good price. 


    so the plan is, to set up house gardens and train families to grow their own mushrooms as a good, free source of food and potential income. we are also going to have our test/training greenhouse where we can produce a larger amount rapidly. are you excited? if not, check this.


    1. oyster mushrooms are so powerful at breaking down chemicals that they have been used to help clean up oil spills - so think what that does to for your health!

    2. they contain special components that can stimulate the immune system to help fight cancer.

    3. when fried up in garlic and butter, they taste like heaven. 


    we'll be breaking ground on the greenhouse and start growing and setting up home gardens in January! we are so excited for a fresh, healthy, and easy to maintain food source and income generator that's right around the corner. also they're pretty and they look like flowers, so that is nice too. 


    we love you guys, there is so mushroom in our hearts for you! (sorry)


    Katie & Omar





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