December 8, 2016

    we were lucky enough to get a big donation of instant oatmeal the other day (you know, the kind in a bag that you take to work for breakfast with all the different and fun flavors?), so we got out to a few communities to share it with some of the families we have been working with. 


    right now in guatemala it is the chilly season, so the toasty warm and easy-to-make oatmeal is perfect to have around for the cooler weather! enjoy some pictures below...


    Omar and our friend Juan Carlos walking around in San Juan del Obispo. Juan Carlos and his wife Liz run an amazing school in the town, so we were able to help some of their students with breakfast.


    it never fails. whenever we're out, we always end up leaving more blessed and humbled than when we arrived! the families we visit overwhelm us with generosity of spirit and love time and time again. we ended up leaving one of the families we visited with baskets full of níspero (a fruit that tastes like a tart apple) from their tree. you know what goes perfectly with oatmeal? níspero. gold :). 


    after our time in San Juan del Obispo, we headed over to Patzicia, a farming neighborhood we've been working with, which you probably recognize by now! it's a good day whenever we get to head out and visit the neighborhood in Patzicia.


    more often than not, life consists of riding in the back of a truck!



    it is universal truth - regardless how old you are or where you come from - a lady must ALWAYS fix herself up before a photo. shine on.


    we visited this special mom a few months ago and her little baby was so sick she didn't know if he was going to make it. look at him now! so healthy and thriving. thank God. we were thrilled to see such a great update!


    hope you enjoyed our oatmeal adventure! grab yourself a bowl wherever you are and cheers guatemala. 


    you are all in our hearts and thoughts! 


    Katie & Omar


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