December 13, 2016

    hey guys! we are on an adventure far out of antigua this week helping with an eye clinic. lots of exciting things going on, but we wanted to update you on our worms! we're about two months in on them, and they're thriving.


    here's a little recap for those of you who missed the intro to our project.

    1. worms produce some of the best organic fertilizer there is (I'm talking about their poop)

    2. we are working in farming communities in Guatemala where it would benefit people to not have to spend money on fertilizer.

    3. worms reproduce so rapidly, in a short time it will be possible to produce enough fertilizer to sell to make a profit. 


    now, it's time to meet the worms, enjoy the video below...

    we're pretty excited about the potential to grow small scale worm farms where neighborhoods can get together and raise their own fertilizer. 


    the worms eat a combination of organic materials; food scraps, leaves, and a little manure :) 










    thanks for following along you guys, we'll post more updates soon! 


    sending you all love and life today,


    Katie & Omar


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