December 20, 2016

    hi all, and happy week of Christmas! we are almost two months down on GET IT GUATEMALA, and we are over the top excited for 2017 to start. there are so many plans and projects coming up around the bend that we can't wait to share with you!


    today, we are going back in time a bit to talk about the last element behind the heart of what we do. we saved this last element of what we are all about for the end of the month on purpose! as we shared in earlier posts, are goals moving forward focus on how to truly LIVE, having access to WORK, and lastly, what we will talk about today, LEARNING.


    as a former teacher and trainer, I believe the power that results when people have the opportunity to learn is unparalleled, and I'm not just talking about kids. the element of learning is two-fold for us. first, we want to support adults and children to learn, things like budgeting and money management, goal setting and long-term planning, and basics such as reading and writing. second, WE are committed to being in a constant state of learning. working with different communities and families, the need and desire is different, and for us, it is important to remain sensitive and teachable. the last thing we want to do is come in and steamroll a group of people with an agenda that doesn't connect to helping people reach their goals. 


    Omar is going to talk a bit about what offering people the opportunity to learn means to him. "for me, to learn is a big thing - think about it, we have the ability as humans to CHANGE the way we think! it's a big deal that we can think differently and look or see things in a new and different way that can change our future. by learning, we can influence our future by making better choices, and making a change. if people have the opportunity to learn, they have the opportunity to break patrónes or patterns, that have been affecting their families for generations.


    for example, many people are living with the mentality that they don't have what it takes to do something like study or start a small business or be successful because their parents didn't. a lot of people think they can't have access to a better opportunity for work because they only farm. a lot of people can't read or can't write because their parents didn't have the opportunity to go to school, for that reason they think they have to be the same way and it isn't true. these thoughts too, are spiritual for me. it is not easy, but everyone has the capacity to change their life. the thing is, sometimes it is hard when your vision is blurry and you are overwhelmed with life and you think that you can't or you don't have the capacity.


    everybody has hands, feet, and a mind. and everyone has the capacity to do things with those three elements. once people start realizing that they have the capacity, that they were created with abilities, they can have more wisdom to choose things to make their life better. everyone is intelligent, but through education, people they can be smarter to choose and guard themselves from being taken advantage of. for example, if I have 5,000, am I going to go out and spend it all on some random stuff, or am I going to invest it and watch it grow? 


    I am excited about moving forward, supporting people to grow and learn, to help them see that they are smart. they have what it takes. then, they can turn around and share the same message with their kids. I am excited to be impressed and inspired by the people of my country! 


    thanks guys, talk soon! 


    Omar & Katherine



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