January 5, 2017


    is throwback thursday still a thing? even if not, I'm forever a sucker for cheesy alliteration and puns, so you guys goats to forgive me. (heh). 


    back in the late fall, I was traveling around in the states sharing our plans for the upcoming year and scored the best day ever (for me), touring a goat dairy! Ayers Brook Goat Dairy in Websterville, Vermont invited me to come and learn more about what it takes to run and manage goats for milk production. we're talking cheese, soap, and all the other glorious things that come along with goat milk you guys. 


    I cannot say enough good things about this place and the people who run it. they are passionate about what they do, produce the highest quality product, and have the happiest goats in all the land. if any of you are in the New England area, check them out!


    after hearing about our plans down the road to start a small women's goat cooperative here in Guate as a source of extra food, and an income generator, the farm gave their valuable time and overwhelming knowledge on all things goats, milk, and cheese. 


    so why a goat cooperative? are you ready for another one of my fascinating lists?

    1. goat's milk can be an important source of dietary energy, protein and fat, is the closest thing to mother's milk, and is rich in micronutrients critical for fighting malnutrition.

    2. small-scale dairy farming can provide a regular income

    3. dairy is produced and sold daily so producers can have cash in hand for immediate family needs such as food, household goods, clothing and schooling


    so bottom line, help with malnutrition and increase household income? we're all about it and we can't wait to get started. the trip to the farm was so educational and inspiring, enjoy the pictures of the visit below!


    the googly eyes get me every time. after taking one look at me the farmers explained, "you know, when you are farming you have to deal with animals dying, right? they are not just fuzzy snuggle buddy pets. they are workers." these farmers had me pegged five minutes in :). 

    these little one day old babes were the sweetest, tails wagging like little puppies.  

    the impressive milking room.

    thank you so much Ayers Brook Farm! you were inspiring and educational and we can't wait to get started! we're almost as excited as this little goat baby :).  

    sending you guys love and light!


    Katie & Omar






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