January 18, 2017

    sorry it has been so quiet over here lately you guys, things have been one big fabulous blur since Christmas, with planning for exciting projects launching soon. how is it 2017 already?! also- does anyone else think back to when they thought about how life would be so lux  in the 2000's? I'm talking Jetsons hover cars and bonnet-wearing robot butlers on wheels to greet you at the door when you get home. life feels so basic in 2017 without my robot butler. 


    anyway! like I said before, sorry for the absence over here lately, but we've been in a mad whirlwind of planning so we can finally take off for the new year with partnerships and projects, that we can't wait to share with you soon!


    things have been pretty cold here in Guate the past few weeks, it gets to the 40's at night. I know, I know, being a hardy New England broad I'm ashamed at my weakness for even calling 40 degrees cold. the reality is though, without heat, and with most houses being metal, open-air concept builds, it gets mighty chilly once the sun goes down. so with all of this in mind, we packed up some blankets and went out to a new community that we are partnering with (we'll share more details soon!). 


    we know ultimately one little blanket won't do much in the grand scheme of things but for us it was more of a symbol. we want to get to know the community, and as we start meetings and development projects, we want to be seen as a safe, and warm place where comfort and rest can be found, where people leave feeling energized and refreshed for the walk ahead. so there you go :). enjoy some pictures of our fun adventure below!


    our friend Fester and Omar. Fester has an after school program here in San Lucas that we are partnering with to work more in-depth with the community.


    from high up in San Lucas it is possible to see four volcanoes, see the little puff? 


    this mama had beautiful twin babies, which explains all of the laundry below


    our friend Tami came along with us for the day to help out, thanks Tami!


    what a view to have in your front yard!


    we had such a good day out in San Lucas and love any opportunity to get to know our neighbors a bit more. we can't wait to share more with you about what we have planned here soon, so stay tuned!


    Katherine & Omar 




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