February 20, 2017

    happy monday to you all! we are starting off the week strong with a major request :). go big or go home, right?! 




    here's the scoop. recently, we heard about a woman in town who was kicked out of her home with her three kids. one of her children goes to a school run by our friends who came to us and asked, "is there anything you can do?". so we headed over to meet this lady and learn more.


    Marleny's husband recently got a new girlfriend, and decided he didn't want his family living in the house with them, so, Marleny and her three kids were kicked out. thankfully, Marleny's mom took the family in for the short-term, but there just isn't enough space for them moving forward, and Marleny has pressure to find a home for them quickly. so here's where we come in - we are going to build her a house.


    the good news is, Marleny's family has offered to give her a small section of land to build a home for her kids, so we are going to try and help her make it happen, but we need your help! watch Marleny tell her story in her own words below. 


    despite the trauma and heartbreak, this newly single working mom of three is doing what she can to help make sure her kids are healthy, both physically and emotionally. I'm telling you, every time I talk to her, she is either at a school meeting, taking her kids to the doctors, or just generally being a power house to make sure they are ok. 


    so here's where the big ask comes in... will you consider donating so we can help Marleny and her family have a home? you can donate directly online through PayPal to, and add a note that says "Marleny" to be sure every penny goes to her home! if you would like to give a tax-deductible donation, you can write a check to "Hope and Life Guatemala" and specify "Marleny" in the memo. Checks can be mailed to Gate City Church, 8 Franklin Street Nashua, New Hampshire 03064. 


    thank you so much for your consideration to help this strong mom take care of her family. we are constantly inspired by the global community who steps in to show love and support despite distance.


    also, Marleny said you will all be welcome in her new home for a visit :). 


    xo Katie & Omarr

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