March 14, 2017

    we're living in pretty exciting times you guys. why, you ask? cause it's harvest time, ya'll. we have our first little vegetables that are ready to be harvested, the radishes!

    other than looking like pretty little fuchsia jewels, these guys are a big source of vitamin C and B, and can be used to treat kidney stones and intestinal parasites (win). its sweet peppery flavor and crunchy texture make it super popular here, and people use it for salads and salsas. 


    so what are we doing with our first harvest? well, with the harvest comes the creation of a few more jobs. in addition to the jobs that have sprouted up (get it?) with the regular care and maintenance of the plants, harvest time demands more help. we have hired some women who have been part of our regular meeting groups for women, and they are harvesting, sorting, and preparing the radishes for sale. 


    first things first, we have taken the best ten percent of our first harvest and donated it to a local primary school, Luz Del Mundo. this is the most exciting, and fulfilling part for us, and we can't wait to be able to provide more fresh produce to local projects and ministries! 


    after that, we take the rest and are selling it in local shops as well as a wholesale customer. all profits will then be re-invested to more planing, which equals more produce, jobs, and sustainability to be able to support more good around this beautiful place :). 


    so let's get down to it then - how did they taste?! 

    if my googly eyes are any indication, we were pretty excited for the first taste.

    the verdict is they tasted great! like hope and life and opportunity. no really, they just tasted like radishes. yummy radishes :). 


    stay tuned for more updates, and thank you guys so much for your support and words of encouragement along the way. we love you! 


    Katie & Omar













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