March 21, 2017

    remember our last post about Marleny? a few weeks ago we heard Marleny was in desperate need of a place to live after being kicked out of her house by her husband. so we put out the plea and guess what you guys... SHE HAS A HOME NOW!!! a brand new, beautiful, safe house for her and her three kids. 


    to say we were shocked and overwhelmed that the house was fully sponsored is an understatement. you know how trust works? you try to believe as hard as you can, and in the end you realize all along you were terrified things wouldn't work out, and you are delightfully blissed that things actually came together.


    now it is time to recognize the rock stars that made this happen. students at Nashua Christian Academy, Wanda Scarbrough, and Tamara Alboschy, you have no idea the difference you made in a family's life. we wish you could have been in the room when Marleny stepped through the doorway for the first time and saw her new house. she was overwhelmed with gratitude and didn't understand why she deserved such a gift when there are so many moms in the same situation. you guys were tools for hope and future for these kids, and we told them to remember, they are seen and loved each time they walk through the door of their cozy house. so, thank you. 


    now, here are some pictures from our day of building, enjoy! 


    loading up the house parts early in the morning. another shout out to Rodolfo, a local business owner who heard Marleny's story and wanted to do something to help. he let us use his truck to deliver the entire house in one trip. thank you Rodolfo! 

    Nathaniel and Carlos loading up the doorframe and bed. trendy using recycled pallets right? we know. not only did this sponsorship provide a home for a family, but it provided over a month of work for local guys who needed a job. so really, you're seeing a ripple effect of at least five families impacted through this one house. 

    bravely unloading the house across a busy street with morning traffic. 


    here is what the site looked like when we first showed up. we had cleared it and laid the foundation the week before, and it was ready and waiting. 


    putting up the walls. our friends Rita and Cary came out and helped us with building for the day as well!

    putting the finishing touches on the roof. or tanning. you decide.

    finished product from the outside! doesn't it look like it belongs on a beach somewhere?! so cute. 

    how many men does it take to make a bed?

    here's part of the team who built the house pieces over the last month, seeing it all come together for Marleny.

    handing over the keys! she's more excited than she looks, I promise you guys. this lady couldn't hold back the tears, she was so thrilled about her new place!

     thank you so much for following along!


    Katie & Omar



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