March 31, 2017

    we are happy to introduce you to the newest member of the (re)vive family... 



    guacamole, avocado toast, smoothies, aioli, salads, and tacos... somebody stop me.


    anyway, we have developed another part of the land we are working here in Ciudad Vieja, by planting an avocado grove! 


    in contrast to the other part of the land, where we have focused on fast producing, easy-to-sell produce, these trees are a long-term investment for the land, full of potential! the planting and care of these trees create more jobs for the community we are working in, and great potential for sales in income-support for projects in the future. avocados, avocado oil, and so much more! 


    enjoy some pictures below of our day of planting with Cristobal and Benedicto, who have been working with us on the land. these brothers bring such knowledge and skill to the farm, we are fascinated to be learning from their years of experience and expertise. stay tuned to get to know these guys a little better as we share their stories in the next few weeks! 


    unloading the trees and giving them a pep-talk as they get ready for their new home.


    I'm most likely droning on, trying to convince them of the benefits of worm fertilizer :)


    these guys know how to work hard and showed me up, digging those holes for the avocado's like pro's. we're so excited about moving forward, watching these trees grow and bring opportunity (along with some great guac.). 


    Sending love and warmth wherever you are!


    Omar & Katie




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