April 5, 2017

    one of the most exciting things we have seen growing and flourishing over the last few months is our women's group.


    we partnered with an after-school program in the community of San Lucas, Guatemala and noticed there was not a lot of support for the moms. we thought, what if we offer a time to meet together, be peaceful, and have NO KIDS buzzing around. don't get me wrong- we love kids around here (most of the time :)), but when you're a single mom, with six kids, no personal space, and no time to quiet your mind, think, and be at peace, the idea of a childless 20 minutes is glorious. anyone out there hear me on this one?


    so we started offering a peaceful time to meet, with the kids locked away (kidding, kind of.) time to get to know one another, and affirm the special value of the life of each one of the ladies. 


    our expectations were blown. from a small beginning with a few nervous ladies (myself included) awkwardly starting at each other, to light-filled meetings that are a refuge where joy and peace are so think you feel your muscles releasing. I'm not being dramatic here. it is my all time FAVORITE time of the week, where we encourage each other and get a little more strength for the week ahead. 


    we are starting with relationship and the heart. giving room for support and growth, then we are building to opportunities for work and greater physical support. because that is true wellness, right? starting from the inside, then seeing the life and fruit reflected in all other areas of life. 


    I saw a quote that said "when women are given opportunity- they deliver". love the quote, love the pun. 

    "Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body will also rest secure."



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    April 5, 2017

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