May 25, 2017

    by now you are probably well aware that we are up to our eyeballs in radishes and we couldn't be more thrilled. did you know, radishes are a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and can help to regulate blood pressure? they also have detoxifying properties and can help with skin disorders and contain antioxidant compound to help strengthen the immune system to fight certain kinds of cancer. so basically- the under-rated super vegetable. 


    so other than eating as much as we possibly can, what is the plan for all of the vegetables we're growing? glad you asked, because radishes are just the beginning. we have so much more (broccoli, carrots, cilantro...) that's going to be ready faster than you can blink!


    other than donating a percentage of everything we grow to help support local feeding projects, the main intention of all of the planting and production that takes place on the land is in order to support and create opportunities for the neighboring communities. this looks like jobs! we will introduce you to our amazing team soon. these guys work so hard, caring for the growing produce, and learning best practices for planting. we're inspired by them and we know you will be too! so because of these little vegetables need regular care, right there is the creation of new jobs! 


    so then once they are ready to harvest, we have a whole set of new jobs that open up for sales! remember a few weeks back when we told you about our women's group we are working with? we have been meeting weekly with a group of around 30 special ladies who want more for their families. it's a match made in heaven, we think! so when the produce is ready, we take it to these ladies, who then are able to start their own little markets in their neighborhoods, and make a small income for their families. it's pretty cool watching things come together, and learning from our hardworking community in the process. enjoy some pictures below!

    thanks for following along! wish we could send you all some of the farming loot!


    Omar & Katie



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