May 29, 2017

    look at this guy. can you even resist his little grin? come on. 


    this is Ottoniel, and we want to share his story! when we first started working on the land we met this little man along with his family. they live on the land and work guarding it at night, and opening the gates during the day, something that is really common here in Guatemala. 


    when we first met the family, they wanted to send Ottoniel to school so badly, and the school year had just begun, but they did not have enough money to send both their kids to school. they made the tough decision to focus on their oldest, and hoped next year, Ottoniel could start kindergarten. 


    as Ottoniel started to show us his little 'study book' where he would draw shapes, pretend to read, and tell us his favorite animals and colors, we were hooked, and shared his story with a few of you faithful blog-readers. within a week, thanks to some of you guys, we had raised enough to send Ottoniel to school for the year, and he was only a week behind. 


    now, dressed in his Cookie Monster sweater, he studies and plays hard at Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Street) Kindergarten. we want to say THANK YOU to those of you who rallied around this family so this special kid could get a good start and not fall behind. we are convinced access to education changes worlds, and you guys did what you could to change one for Ottoniel. despite a scary start (check out the nervous little nugget with his teacher in the pictures below), this guy is now thriving! check out his first-day pictures below! 



    hopefully you guys are as in love with Ottoniel as we are! 


    Omar & Katie







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