June 8, 2017

    today we're starting a series to introduce you to the special people who work with us! the reason behind what we do is job creation, and we are slowly and surely building a team of committed, special people who care about creating opportunity for their communities. in the next few posts, we are going to introduce you to the people who we have been able to create jobs for so far. 


    first and foremost, we would like you to meet Manuel! our master of the garden :). 


    we met this guy through our women's group of all things! I shared a few posts back about how we have a group of about 30 ladies that meet together every week to get to know one another, build community, and support each other. what girls are supposed to do! 


    anyway, back to Manuel. 


    Manuel lives about 45 minutes away from the land, and he takes the chicken bus early in the morning to work the garden every day. if you ask him what is most important to him, it always comes back to his family. his wife, sweet daughter and baby son are his world, and the reason why he works hard every day. when I first asked him why he decided to farm, and what made him become interested, he said it's for his family. previously, Manuel worked in security, and would be away from home around the clock. he said it was time to make the decision about eight years back, invest in time with his family, or not. so he made the decision to leave his work in security, and begin working on a farm to have evenings with his wife and kids. literally translated, he said it was the 'powerful hand' of his mother, that helped him make the important decision, and he has never looked back. 


    when we first met Manuel, he had been working at a farm run by nuns for seven years, and was in need of work. he first learned about gardening by an engineer, and takes a scientific approach to everything that grows. how does each plant react to the soil? what is the soil lacking? how can we supplement it and make everything work together? Manuel is constantly teaching himself as he goes, and we are all learning together on how to make a garden grow! 


    along with his hard work and dedication, the attitude Manuel brings to everything that grows is positivity. the "it can work" mantra encourages us as we move forward. we are lucky to have this guy on our team!


    stay tuned to get to know the other people who work hard to make all of this happen. 




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