June 29, 2017

    last week was a big one, we built another house! 


    let's give you some background. since we started our women's group a few months ago, we've developed valuable friendships with many different families in the community. the natural progression when building trusting friendships is that eventually you share your stories one to another, which sometimes opens up the door of opportunity to be a help to your new friends.


    one of these opportunities came in the form of our friend Ana. Ana lives with her husband and five children in San Lucas, Guatemala. San Lucas is 30 minutes outside of Guatemala City, and is a high elevation, with much colder temperatures than neighboring towns. Ana’s husband works as a day laborer in a construction company where he earns around $5 per day. Ana currently does not have work, and stays at home taking care of her younger kids. the oldest two children Luis and Jennifer go to a local primary school. as Ana began to open up to us and share her story, she mentioned the house where they were living had to be built quickly because they had no place to live, so they gathered what materials they could find such as wood, lamina, and cardboard, and built a makeshift house. in December, the owner of the land where they had built told them they need to leave the land, and they can't take any of the parts for the construction of the house with them. the good news, Ana told us, is they own land in another location, but they do not have the money to buy materials to construct a home on their land, so they were in an emergency situation.


    because of the climate in this region of Guatemala, the kids have colds most of the time Ana says, especially the baby. they collect dirty water in buckets next to the house to drink and bathe in. once we shared Ana's story, we had a generous donor come forward who offered to sponsor the building of a home for Ana and her family on their property! the picture above is of Ana in front of her new home (with attached bathroom!). 


    we are almost as excited as Ana is for her new home. she told us she is most excited about her new house to help her children with their health, and she plans to care for it, clean it, plant flowers, and keep it beautiful. now that they have moved to their own property, they are no longer required to pay rent, and can save money for their children’s education.


    we checked in with Ana a few days after her house was completed to see how everything was working out. she was glowing, and said they have so much more space, and it is so refreshing to have a house that keeps her family and her belongings dry (which is saying a LOT since we are in the middle of the rainy season, and downpours are a daily occurrence). 


    so thank you, to all of you who listen to these stories and have a heart to impact change. when you reach out like this one person did to help Ana and her family, you are creating a ripple effect of impact. you supported local jobs with the constructing and assembly of the house, you encouraged Ana and her husband to keep going to better their children's future. in a place where it seems like most people never catch a break, Ana and her family now have a major step up to encourage and inspire them. so from us (and her!) to you, thank you. 


    so now let's get to the real stuff, and check out some pictures from the house build below!


    temporary house where the family was living. 


    we accidentally interrupted nap time.


    sisters greeting us at the door.


    let me tell you. this does not look half as steep as it really is. try carrying up concrete for a foundation and power tools. 


     thank you so much for following along! we're sending so much love to you all. 




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