December 26, 2017

    today we are sharing this special Christmas celebration that you guys made happen! a few weeks ago we asked for help to give kids in a community we work with a Christmas celebration, and were overwhelmed with generous, loving hearts who responded to make a special day of fun, joy, and celebrating being a kid for these little ones possible. 350 kids came out in total, and each received a specially chosen Christmas present after a day of fun play and good food. for most, this is the only opportunity to eat well, and receive a gift. this day, they were made to feel special and celebrated, so THANK YOU!


    get ready for a ton of pictures of the fun, we wish those who gave to make this possible could have been there to see the joy, but travel along through the pictures below!

    the day started off with a clown performance and face painting. 

    after the face painting, we were surrounded by spider men, kittens, and butterflies! 

    blow-up slides and ball pits were a hit. 

    getting ready to race down the slides! 

    lunch time of hamburgers, chips and doughnuts (not healthy- but lots of fun)

    dessert first cause it's a party!

    everyone received a present chosen specifically for them. 

    waiting patiently for their name to be called and receive their Christmas gifts.

    future doctor.

    opening gifts was the most precious thing to watch. each kid opened their gift slowly, savoring the wrapping paper and the surprise of seeing what was inside! 

    this is the only gift they received for Christmas, and they couldn't have been more excited! 

    thank you again for making this a special celebration to remember. something as simple as a day of play brought light and life to this little corner of Guatemala! 





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