March 8, 2018

    here is a fun project we are excited to share with you! we mentioned a while back that we were in the process of making container gardens to give to families we work with so they can have access to fresh vegetables for free!


    even though Guatemala has a huge farming culture, and most families work out in the fields, very few homes have gardens of their own where they can grow food for their families. this is due to the fact that there is a severe lack of space/yards in homes, and the soil quality is basically packed-down clay where there would need to be a LOT of work done to have anything grow and thrive. 


    so we thought, why not create mini, self-contained gardens that don't take up a lot of room, and already have the healthy, nutrient rich soil prepped for seeds to grow and be healthy and strong! thus, the container gardens were born. 


    we visited some factories to buy old pallets and grain sacks to repurpose as container gardens! we talked it over with the moms, and chose to plant spinach, carrots, and beets. vitamin packed vegetables that people frequently use here.  


    these gardens have a duel purpose as well! not only are they helping families with extremely limited resources have access to food, but they are giving us an open door into homes around our community. now we can visit with the intention of 'checking on the garden', but we can also go deeper with each family, doing more than our weekly group meetings, and building meaningful, supportive relationships. 


    enjoy some pictures below of part of the Revive crew building and prepping the boxes, so much work and care went into these. we were also lucky enough to have a visit from our friends from New York to help us deliver the boxes to each of the families. all said and done, we planted and set up boxes for over 20 families. that's a lot of spinach.


    loading up the boxes to deliver! 

    teaching all the moms together how to care for their new gardens. 

    Manuel teaching the moms about healthy soil before planting. 

    everyone is very excited about their new gardens, even Lassie the dog.  

    explaining how the moms need to set a watering schedule for their new gardens every Tuesday and Friday.

    making sure they all know about proper drainage to not drown the seeds.

    spacing out each out each seed to be planted, because we want it to look good too!

    Omar organizing the moms before they go set the garden's up in their homes!

    our special team came to help bring these (heavy) boxes up some pretty steep hills! 

    planting is an exact science! spacing it all out JUST RIGHT.

    talking about all the recipes that can be made with carrots, spinach, and beets. 

    watching her new garden going in! 

    Miguel getting water from the well for the garden.

    thanks so much to all of the people who made this happen! if you are interested in supporting a garden, or know of someone here in Guatemala who needs one, give us a shout.  



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