March 16, 2018

    ever wonder what our days look like around here? it's normally not too glamorous or exciting, but here's a sneak peek! 


    every day starts with checking on the plants and normally going to get water. there is no water where the farm is located now, so it is necessary to fill water cisterns every other day to make sure the vegetables get what they need during the dry season. 

    broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower growing strong. 

    Omar and Timmy hauling the cisterns to get water. 

    Francisco filling up the cisterns!

    normally there is a home visit scattered in throughout the day. this family was one who we built a house for last spring, so we check in to see how everything is with their new home!

    in the afternoons, we have our weekly women's meetings where it is a peaceful time of support and love for a special group of strong ladies.  

    with women come kids, so our ladies groups have evolved to ladies and kids groups! 


    so there you have it. are you as tired as we are? Just another day living the dream. hope you enjoyed coming along for the ride!


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