March 26, 2018


    last week we took a field trip to learn more about new methods to incorporate on the farm. as you know, training and learning is a key point to what we do around here, so we are always building in opportunities to expand knowledge, and grow (see what I did there?) towards excellence. 


    the team packed up and headed over to Bejo, an experimental farm here in Guatemala that develops high quality vegetable seeds and sells them globally. we were thrilled for the opportunity to receive a free day packed full of training where we could gain ideas, and ask all of our MANY questions. 


    what we ultimately came away with from the training with is - we're doing pretty good! the basics are there, and we are blessed to have a team who knows what they are doing. we learned a lot about drip watering methods, and still being able to grow things such as tomatoes and peppers for our altitude using greenhouses. scroll through to see more pictures of the impressive training facility below!


    beautiful neat and tidy rows of lettuce. 

    they have developed many varieties that are resistant to the many plagues that attack crops here in Guatemala.  

    look at those carrots!  

    Karla, a new member of our team (who we will introduce soon!) learning about what altitude is best for peppers. 

    tomatoes and peppers strung across fences of bamboo growing in a simple greenhouse. 

    thanks for coming along, we are excited to implement some of the cool stuff we learned at Bejo!


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