April 27, 2018


    we try to incorporate learning activities into everything we do - for ourselves as well! to learn is to grow, right? every month we focus on a different topic, and this month we went to the coast for a special training on mushroom growing. 


    as you may have seen from our blog, we've been focusing on small sustainable agriculture projects where women can grow food at home for their families. we started with simple garden boxes full of spinach, beets, and carrots and they have been a HUGE hit! women are able to save money at the market, and provide fresh, nutrient rich produce to their kids for free. 


    we're moving on and expanding this idea with mushrooms! so we took off to our friends at Clinica Ezell near the coast to learn how they have been growing mushrooms from bags to help families. here are some interesting (to me!) facts about mushrooms:


    * the oyster mushroom has many of the same nutrients as meat, just add a little garlic! 

    * you can begin harvesting mushrooms 3 weeks after planting, for a fast turn-around. 

    * they grow in recycled corn cobs and don't need any care after planting.

    * 1bag can produce 5 pounds of mushrooms.


    have I sold you yet on how great these things are? in addition to being a great source of nutrition for families, they are also sold at the market for around $3.50 per pound, so they can also be sold as a small business for the women as well. 


    enjoy the photos of our training day below, and stay tuned for updates on how our mushrooms are doing.


    The team getting ready to learn all about mushrooms.

    thank you Clinica Ezell! 

    Oscar and  Abdulio answering our many questions.

    Miguel taking notes on how to properly sterilize the area before planting to protect against bacteria.

    thank you Clinica Ezell for all of your help!



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